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9:00 – 10:20 pm (in your time zone)

Initiated by Marlies Pöschl (The Golden Pixel Cooperative, Vienna, At), in collaboration with: Elephy Collective, Brussels, BE, I: project space, Beijing, CN, Video Culture Development, Beijing, CN and WET Film, Rotterdam, NL

Our allies operate in places we have never seen. The keyboards they type on may have been produced in the same factory as ours, but the lunch they eat is prepared by people we don’t know. Yet there is a sense of connectedness between us, as if we were following a hidden plan.

This is not true. We can only guess at how they feel. We track their status reports, analyze their lives from our screens. Bruno Latour describes “association” as a form that creates connections between actors while maintaining differences between them. Association is the structural principle of this screening, which was jointly curated by five international art collectives according to a Cadavre Exquis principle and explores the tension between automation and improvisation in globalized production chains of goods and images.


21:00-21:12 Across Lips by Alyona Larionova
21:12-21:24 Obstructions/Jean Factory by Ali Kazma
21:24-21:28 Workation by Sofia Caesar
21:28-22:00 9 is one and 10 is none by Veronika Eberhart
22:00-22:11 Imperial Reminiscence by Caroline Garcia
22:11-22:20 21 Chitrakoot by Shambhavi Kaul


Alyona Larionova
Across Lips / 2016 / 12 min /HD Video / color / stereo (Curated by The Golden Pixel Cooperative)
Set at the Internet Archive, one of the world’s largest digital libraries, Across Lips sets out in search of an image capable of, if not representing, at least interpreting the current complexity of total globalization and digital revolution. The overpowering presence of storage, organization, and information exchange systems in people’s social and subjective lives finds a metaphor in jazz improvisation.

Ali Kazma
Obstructions/Jean Factory / 2008 / 12 min / Video / color /stereo (Curated by WET Film)
A hypnotizing portrait of labor in the times of mass production. The camera is following a pair of jeans from the beginning to the end of the production line. A spectacle of the discipline of bodies subject to technology.

Sofia Caesar
Workation / 2019 / 3 min / HD Video / color / stereo
(Curated by Elephy Collective)
Working out of her bed, Sophia Caesar engages in playful ways with the idea of “workation” – a combination of work and vacation.

Veronika Eberhart
9 is one and 10 is none / 2017 / 22 min / HD Video / color / stereo /
(Curated by The Golden Pixel Cooperative)
The resurrection of a closed-down wood workshop through performative interventions: In pantomime, dance-like choreographies, machines are put back in operation. Working processes are reproduced in their specific rhythms of movement. A mythical invocation of the past and an artistic reflection on femaleness in capitalist society.

Caroline Garcia
Imperial Reminiscence / 2018 / 11 min / Digital video / color / stereo
(Curated by I: project space)
Imperial Reminiscence is a cinematic voyage of misguided desire that traverses Hollywood fantasies of “cultural otherness.” It draws attention to the Western phenomenon of “whitewashing” and archives the historical erasure of people of colour in Hollywood cinema and the broader industry, through an attempt to reclaim the ethnographic image.

Shambhavi Kaul21 Chitrakoot / 2012 / 9 min / HD video / color / stereo
(Curated by Video Culture Development)
A land as ancient and ideal as nature is called up through the chroma-key backdrops of one of the world’s most viewed mythological television series. Spectacular images spring forth from a glorious, more magical time. But as nostalgia turns melancholic, hostility is the inevitable result and narrative traces are the last surviving markers of the material past.


The Golden Pixel Cooperative
is a Vienna based association for moving images, arts and media, active within both exhibition and cinema contexts. Our goal is to develop sustainable structures for the production, distribution, and presentation of moving image works by contemporary artists, as well as to facilitate exchange and support between artists.

WET Film
WET is Rotterdam-based production and distribution cooperative for film, video and artist’s moving image and a free online platform with monthly screenings founded by Anna Łuczak, Erika Roux, Marta Hryniuk, Nick Thomas and Sophie Bates in 2018.

is an artist-run production and distribution platform for film and media art based in Brussels. Works produced by elephy navigate between moving image and documentary that expand from film, video and installation into photography and writing. The collective organizes discursive events, curated film programs, and technical workshops with the goal to foster communities around artist’s moving image.

I: project space
is an augmentation of what a contemporary art institution can be, by using the freedom that comes along with running an independent practice. Working from a space in the old Hutong area in Beijing, CN I: project space aims to encourage innovative and investigative approaches, crossing borders between different creative disciplines, cultural identities, geographical locations, political economies and new technologies.

World Organization of Video Culture Development (VCD)
is a Beijing-based non-profit institution for artistic moving images, including but not limited to films and video art. VCD is dedicated to creating a platform for critical thinking through screening, interdisciplinary discussion of moving image works and cross-media performance.

© Caroline Garcia, Imperial Reminiscence, 2018, 11 min, Video, Farbe, stereo, film still

© Veronika Eberhart, 9 is one and 10 is none,2017, 22 min, HD Video, Farbe, stereo, film still

© Sofia Caesar, Workation, 2019, 3 min, HD Video, Farbe, stereo, filmstill

© Ali Kazma, Obstructions / Jean Factory, 2008, 12 min, Video, Farbe, stereo, film still