Explicit content. Suitable for viewers aged 18+

BOUNCER by Oisin Byrne (2021) 31 mins

BOUNCER revisits a text ‘On Intimacy and Disgust’ by Oisin Byrne, originally written in 2012.  In delivering/performing the lecture for film, he splices and layers the visual and aural languages of film, art, music and academia, undermining the authority of each in his endeavor to both communicate and complicate meaning. The cast features BODY, the lecturer – played by Byrne – and his sidekick ADDENDUM – also played by Byrne. It also includes a remote appearance by writer Anna Breckon, as herself.

As the lecture progresses, BODY, faced with a studio audience of empty taped-up chairs, indulges and responds to the humour of his corrective heckler ADDENDUM until by the end of the film the words of the lecture are lifted into a pop song, “Not Not Me’, performed by the duo.

BOUNCER is the first of a series of new commissions for Isolation TV. As lockdown ends, our reason for being has altered.  With this in mind, we are working with artists to produce works which incorporate the possibilities and strategies that making, viewing, communicating and learning online have produced.

BOUNCER is also screening in-situ at EVA International’s ‘Little did they know’, curated by Merve Elveren from Sept 18th to November 14th and as part of Salzburger Kunstverein’s ‘Film as Muse’, curated by Seamus Kealy,

A forthcoming text by Linda Stupart on this work will be published together with a series of parallel screenings and talks (dates t.b.a.).